Air, Water, Earth, Fire & Spirit: A Lighted look at Enlightenment Since the Beginning of time, mankind has marveled at the natural phenomena of the world wondering, what type of magic may have produced such a vast universe. Shamans of distant history sought to find the answers to such things by tapping into mystic currents and manifesting the images of spirits and through them gained understanding of the world around them. Artist, Chaos Witch, and Rogue SubGenius, Rev. Panik EVlynn Bedlam uses their ability at illustration & magik to create intense yet whimsical and sometimes darkly humorous world of characters inspired by ancient esoteric concepts, brought to life in contemporary forms. Using a style the artist describes as “Pop Comic Surrealism,” they have created a post-modern spiritual characterization of complex and severe concepts that faced our ancestors and who continue to challenge us in new and more complex forms everyday.