A Strange, Gritty, and Humorously Postmodern Take on Tarot
Our most popular product by far, this tarot deck has 78 cards and is based upon a traditional tarot model, but there is very little that is typical about this uncanny set of divination cards. Created for personal use by Occult Artist Rev. Panik EVlynn Bedlam, it served as the foundation for what would become the start of their series of "Art & Occult Nonsense" (or A&ON). Dark and intense images adorn many of the trumps, with several of their meanings being inverted or distorted from the standard forms providing new insights on the meaning of the tableaus. Minor cards still hold design reference to more serious decks such as the Rider-Waite or Thoth Deck but also express a simplicity that allow them to be used like a standard playing deck. The face cards express a pan-cultural assortment of both ancient and modern deities that express the influence of the cards. Instead of incorporating an instruction book, the borders are illuminated with mysterious, yet informative poems written by the artist that lend meaning to each card.

Blood Trillium Tarot