The Magician Daughter Deck is based upon an expanded Tarot deck, having 93 cards instead of 78; it has 24 Major cards (# 0-23), 44 Minor cards (4 suits # 0-10), 16 Face cards (4 in each suit), and an additional category called Pillars (9 cards). Three additional "instructional" cards are included.

These Illuminated Mystery Cards are colorful, thrilling, and filled with intense, esoteric symbols. The structures of the cards were organized by Galena Storme, costume designer and magical researcher, who worked alongside artist and chaos witch, Rev. Panik EVlynn Bedlam. The results are a unique and eccentric deck which conceal a wealth of ancient, arcane lore. Sometimes beautiful, other times frightening and weird, the cards can serve as an entertaining oddity to art collectors and novice fortunetellers, but are sophisticated enough for advanced Tarot reading practices.

Although an instruction book is NOT included, each card includes instructive text that implies the underlying meanings held in each image. However; a more advanced guide to the deck's symbolism is presently in the late stages of production and will be made available as soon as it is completed.

Magician Daughter Oracle Deck