Help Support This Film!

The Trial of Hephaestus was filmed and produced on a budget of $500 in the summer of 2017, and was supposed to be released in the winter of that year. It was a movie based on a comedic play written by myself about the marital problems between the gods Venus and Vulcan and how their children try to smooth it over with the use of divinely inspired poetry. Unfortunately, due to production and distribution difficulties, it is only now that the rough draft of this film is being released here on my website. Although this version is free to play for anyone who would like to see it, and free to download, I would like to be able to justify making a higher resolution and better quality edit of the film. If I can recoup the $500 investment cost, I will be able to afford equipment and programs to do just that. And thus, the first 25 people to donate $20 or more to the production will get their names in the credits, in the blank numbered slots shown in the film. I would like to try to get an additional $500 to distribute between the cast and crew who donated their time to the production. Any money over $500 will be distributed evenly thus. 

Your Name in the Credits